Find Connection At A Much Deeper Level With An Equine Partner...

                                  Cindy & Her Beautiful Boy Quin

Would you like to fulfill a greater leadership role in the eyes of an equine partner? embrace being action based & less reactive in your communication?

Are you wanting to learn about horses from a relational and natural perspective but dont own your own horse? No Problem our herd members at the ranch are happy to be your teachers!


Have You Ever Been With Your Own Horse & Thought...

"I have lost my confidence & would love my horse to trust and rely upon me in a deeper way"

"I would like to understand my horses behavior better and have the tools to achieve success in our relationship."

"I want to feel more "ONE" with my horse"

"I find myself always frustrated or angry at my horse. Why does he keep acting this way ?!?!

"I feel like my horse is trying to tell me something, but I just don't understand!"

"Why does my horse seem to reflect or react to my emotions"

"I feel like I have no power and that I get walked over"

"I would like to be able to move in the world in a way that both reflects into my relationship with my horse as well as the relationships in my life"

Experience a different approach to coaching that is completely unique to Meagan!! 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of equine nature and how as herd animals they can teach us about relationship
  • learn "horse sense"  look at things from how the horse best understands it & communicate with each other in a clearer way (less confusion & frustration)
  • become aware of your own blocks that may be causing a disconnect between what you want and achieving it (open your heart, build your confidence, become the leader you could always be!)

Inquire below for more information on relational horsemanship clinics, individual lessons with an SVR Herd member or with your own equine partner

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Meagan Riding handsome merlin

Meagan Riding handsome merlin

Horse owners also may choose to do individual sessions with one of Meagan's Healing Team Horses at Silver Valley Ranch rather then their own equine partner as they work through different aspects of their own blocks. Sometimes it is harder to work through the things that are holding us back with a partner that is so close to us :-)

Meagan has the ability to coach and instruct through her honest & gentle methods. I was interested in developing my leadership and communication skills with my equine BFF only to have the pleasant surprise of seeing these skills spill over into my interpersonal relationships as well. My teenage daughter describes Meagan as personable and relatable which makes her coaching methods so engaging and easy to comprehend.

If you are fortunate enough to take in one of Meagan’s clinics you will leave with a great feeling of confidence and understanding, (dont worry if you feel some disappointment that it is over, this is perfectly normal :) Meagan is the perfect blend of both science and feel and we are so happy to have met her!
— Inez & Khysa Bishop