Meagan’s coaching has helped me through one of the most difficult phases of my life. Through her guidance and unique way of communicating key lessons with her equine team, I have been able to progress further and gain more insight than I previously thought possible. Her coaching has helped not only strengthen the understanding and connection between my horse and I, but also how I connect with other people. I would recommend her coaching to anyone, and feel very blessed to have met her and her beautiful horses.
— Jessica R, Calgary AB

It is hard to put into words, because it is such a deeply spiritual and magical experience. I have always been horse crazy and when I was first invited to a session at the ranch I was open to possibilities but blown away by the purity, the connection and the obvious communication going on with these amazing horses along with Meagan’s guidance and intuitiveness! Quite seriously, I would arrive at each session thinking, hmmm I feel great today, not tears, wonder what we will work on (I wasn’t there to “fix” anything in my mind) and working with Meagan at the ranch found a depth to my being I didn’t even know existed and brought to the forefront some long buried parts of myself that I had forgotten to nurture! Eye opening, breath taking and life changing! If only there were multiple Meg’s to go around for every human! Life would be forever altered towards a path of self acceptance and peace! Thank you Meagan, for everything you saw that I didn’t and everything those beautiful creatures communicated to you!! Xo
— Kiera Gosse, Airdrie AB
After meeting Meagan at a horse clinic she was teaching, I knew I found the person I wanted to continue to my journey of self exploration. I had recently took time off work due to stress and had made a commitment to myself to just relax and not take on any more “transformational experiences” of “trying to figure me out”. But when I met her there was a genuineness and groundedness I immediately connected with. Her ability to move between human to horse world was effortless, coupled with the respect, kindness, assertiveness and compassion she gave to all was truly amazing.
My history with horses has been filled with a trauma that lead to a fear of horses but always a deep love for them. I recently returned to the horse world through doing ground work and some riding. I decided after meeting Meagan that the Equine Assisted Coaching would be perfect to work on my fear of horses. What a beautiful surprise I was in for, as the healing horse work lead not just to processing my fear of horses but a deeper fear of fully allowing myself to participate in what I love in life- my passions. I spent three lessons with Meagan and her healing herd. I cannot describe in words the insights and awareness that arose in me after each horse mirrored the beauty of my soul. It is amazing to me how these powerful, instinctual creatures understood my soul pain and desires. I remember after one particular session in which Wicca and Taxi helped me to understand that I can remain grounded and worthy in my lack of confidence at making decisions. This was powerful! I left Silver Valley Ranch that day seeing the mountains (and the world itself) with a new sense of clarity. I still had difficult decisions to make, some painful emotions to process and struggles to communicate to others but I felt so connected to myself. Nothing I had experience before left me in such awe, which surprised me being a life long journey person and a therapist myself. You see, horses (and Meagan) ask you the questions or state the necessary through verbal (which sometimes can be a neigh to fellow herd members) and non-verbal (like turning their butt to you) communication. They wait for your depths to understand, they show you what you might not be able to see, hear or understand. Again, as I write this, I feel the words do not do this work justice. Through this work I feel a deep appreciation to myself, my soul breathes again, moves forward to new possibilities and feels awakened, alive.
Meagan, the healing herd, and ranch land itself, are gifts to existence. I feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon them. I think about the ole’ saying….”straight from the horses mouth”….in this case, “gifts straight from the horses mouth.
— L. L, Lethbridge AB
I am 14 year old and attend Branton Junior High in Calgary. I have been to six sessions with
Meagan since 2015. When I first met Meagan, I wasn’t very confident and I didn’t know much
about mindfulness and meditation. Much has changed for me since then. Meagan has helped me
develop self-consciousness and confidence. She has helped me understand myself and the world
around me.
My dad was the one who got the idea to try some sessions with Meagan. His meditation instructor
is a friend of Meagan’s and she gave my dad the idea to try it out. Like I said, I didn’t have a lot of
confidence at the time and I was frequently anxious. Another benetift of the session was to
develop an ability to connect and understand horses. This helped me get a summer job as a
summer camp councelor at Griffin Valley Ranch.
I not only learnt more about mindfulness and connections, but Meagan taught me to be confident
and to speak my truth. She taught me what body language signifies and how it affects us and also
how we use it.
Now, I feel more confident, I feel truthful with myself, and I think I have grown so much more in
2015 with the help of Meagan. I am eternally grateful for what she’s done for me. I would
recommend Meagan to friends and family.
— C. Esmail, Calgary

There is a trust exercise where a person stands above people who have their arms out to catch you when you fall. Working with Megan Saum relates very well to this exercise. There is never a moment where the person falling feels pushed or forced to fall. That reason is because the people catching them knows boundaries and limitations. Megan is the person who will be there waiting to catch you. I have had the pleasure of working with Megan for over four years, not once have I felt unsupported or my boundaries pushed. I love horses, however what I love most is the support Megan has given me to strengthen the bond between my horses and I. This further leads to helping me reflect on my weaknesses, strengths, boundaries, and limitations. There is no way I can ever thank Megan Saum for how much she has helped me grow and continue to grow, knowing Megan will always have my back.
— Khysa Bishop-Balzac Alberta

Having Meagan join you and your horse as you journey together is serendipity at its best. She has a deep and thorough understanding of horses and people which allows her to enhance your relationship, self knowledge, skill and understanding however deeply you want to go. Meagan can communicate complex issues in very understandable and applicable terms. One of the areas that she excels in is the authentic manner that she lives, explains and demonstrates the energetic world of animals and how to join them as we begin to rediscover our own energetic nature. Meagan attempts to incorporate the rider’s goals with the horses needs, but if necessary, the horse’s readiness and needs will supersede as success for both comes through learning to become aware of what your horse is expressing through their actions and mannerisms and learning to meet their needs so genuine trust may develop and grow- the cornerstone of any relationship. Time spent with Meagan is truly a gift from the universe.
— Karen Sifton, Pincher Creek AB

Meagan is professional and strategic in helping you achieve your personal goals. Over the years, I’ve relied on her knowledge and expertise to come up with solutions in managing overall health in mind, body and soul. Meagan’s level of energy and personal commitment has made a significant difference in my life and will continue to do so.
— Triena Partridge, Cochrane AB

Meeting Meagan and working with her beautiful horses has been ground breaking for me. Her knoweledge and ability to really connect is amazing. THANK-YOU for all you do!!
— Kristy Mahar, Cochrane AB

The first workshop I attended was absolutely transformational. I highly recommend everyone to sign up and see what Meagan & her healing herd at Silver Valley Ranch can do for your life!
— Renee Werenka, Airdrie AB

Meagan has the ability to coach and instruct through her honest yet gentle methods. I was interested in developing my leadership and communication skills with my equine BFF only to have the pleasant surprise of seeing these skills spill over into my interpersonal relationships as well. My teenage daughter describes Meagan as personable and relatable which makes her coaching methods so engaging and easy to comprehend.

If you are fortunate enough to take in one of Meagan’s clinics you will leave with a great feeling of confidence and understanding, (don’t worry if you feel some disappointment that it is over, this is perfectly normal ;) . Meagan is the perfect blend of both science and feel, we are so happy to have met her!
— Inez Bishop, Balzac AB

I was excited about the clinic, but sick to my stomach about getting there! Before I took one of Meagan’s clinics my horse and I struggled with trailering, BIG TIME which usually resulted In me crying, my husband sweating and clearing 1 pack of cigarettes in 1 hour, and Tucker, back in the pasture eating his grass and frolicking with his friends, gloating, as he won the trailer wars. I’m not gonna lie, it took me 2 hours to get him loaded up for this clinic. Yes, I did cry, yes my husband cleared through a pack of cigarettes but the only thing that kept me from giving up, was the hope that after this weekend, this situation would change for us! I had insight enough to know that the trailer was a result of how him and I don’t have trust enough in our relationship for him to believe that I will “take care of him” when he is insecure. I knew this clinic would help us out with that.

After taking Meagan’s clinic, I learned to become a more assertive leader and to detach emotion from leadership. Not only was that a “horse training” lesson I needed to master, but also (surprise surprise) a powerful life lesson as well! It is something I keep in mind every day, as my career also places a large focus on my leadership skill set. Tucker and I have a whole new relationship, and now, when he tries to “take the lead” I know how to handle the situation with calm, assertive energy and still maintain a loving, respectful relationship with him.

Meagan focuses on the present moment and your future goals, which helps tremendously to build your self confidence!

Tucker loads like an old pro now because he trusts me. When he challenges my leadership, I now know how to calmly “take care of it” and sometimes, I even laugh at how “goofy” Tucker can be because I’m not so focused on my anger or insecurities. We relax and have more fun together. Now, I look forward to these challenging moments because it gives me the opportunity to show him I can take care of him.

I look forward to exploring more about myself and my horse this summer 2012 with Meagan and recommend her clinics to anyone who owns a horse! Tucker is in my life to teach me these important lessons and make me a better person and we are grateful to have Meagan to facilitate and encourage this process!
— Cassandra Clem, Carstairs AB
In the spring of 2015, with the help of a grant, we were able to provide a group of students the opportunity to engage
in an equine therapy program. We engaged the services of Meagan Saum and Silver Valley Ranch for program
where students went out once a week for a period of 8 weeks for approximately one hour.
We found Meagan transparent in their approach to equine therapy and open to our needs as a school. She was
knowledgeable, experienced and professional and was highly communicative with the school and the guidance
counselors who attended with the students.
The students that participated were enthusiastic (they were always excited and looking forward to the day they got to
go to the ranch) and found it enjoyable and meaningful. It was observed that these students were also better at
connecting with each other through this time and were engaged in the process.
— Garry Bell, Principle of WG Murdoch School

Working with Meagan is so rewarding. To see my head shy, reluctant horse become receptive, co-operative and enjoyable is magic. What I value most about Meagan is her patience and humour. With Meagan’s help I am becoming more confident and my horse is more trusting. It’s a beautiful thing. Many, many thanks
— Michele Fry, Calgary Alberta
My daughter Camille and I have attended workshops and individual sessions at Silver Valley
Ranch with Meagan Saum. Camille has has attended approximately six individual councelling
sessions with Meagan. I attended a one day equine mindfulness session for adults facilitated by
Meagan and Anne Mahoney, one of the leading mindfulness teachers in Western Canada.
I have seen Camille’s self-confidence increase significantly since attending the sessions at SVR
starting in March 2015. I see Meagan as an important support for Camille as she faces the
challenges of the teenage years of understanding one-self, developing preferences, a sense of
authenticity and self-assured compassion for herself and others.
Having practiced various forms of mindfulness meditation since my teenage years, I can attest to
Meagan’s broad knowledge in various forms of mindfulness training and how this relates to social
and psychological wellbeing. I have been impressed with how Meagan guides larger groups
through equine mindfulness exercise. I personally experienced immediate benefits from the equine
mindfulness therapy including improved sleep quality and a higher level of energy.

Sliver Valley Ranch has the facilities to comfortably host group sessions including catering.
— Ali Esmail-Calgary

Meagan is open, honest, and down to earth. Her sessions help me to understand how to get my horses to go the way I want. My horses feel great to ride - soft, supple, connected and happy. I know that Meagan has helped us to achieve this. I am excited to continue my learning with her. I recommend her to all of my clients as well
— Maria Shuttleworth, Balzac AB