Our Approach

At Silver Valley Ranch  we have developed a safe, supportive and integrated method of working with humans, horses, dogs & nature together for learning, healing and wellness.

Horses may seem very large to some people and often these same individuals think because of their size they would be predatory animals. They are actually prey animals. Horses and their natural way they survive allows them to be highly sensitive and in tuned to the stimulus around them. Their ability to read their environment and then respond quickly allows for them to observe the inner state of another and offer support, guidance and love to those individuals who are open to learning about the deeper truths of their inner states. Working with horses in a natural environment can often create an awareness of ones self that allows for a client to move forward in a much more connected way then they would be able to access in traditional talk therapy.

What we have learned from the horses about doing this work

  • horses are sentient beings that are willing to facilitate the healing of all humans
  • horses in their natural state can create learning & healing opportunities for humans
  • People of all walks of life need to have a space where they can feel safe, supported and access the deeper parts of themselves that are often kept under lock & key
  • everyone of us has been affected in our daily lives by trauma of some degree
  • there is an organic opportunity for learning & healing that can be ignited by working with nature and animals for children & adults
  • working with animals & nature is easily adapted and integrated into most somatic psychologies and mindfulness based practices

We choose to partner with animals & nature to provide experiences that facilitate integration between our thoughts, emotion and the body while accessing the inner most parts of ourselves by incorporating mindfulness based practices, because of the flexibility we are able to take this approach into all experiences provided at Silver Valley Ranch from transformational horsemanship practices to youth based focused activities or deep reflective sessions depending on the needs and goals of the individual.

I am so glad you were directed here!

Together we will help you...

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Communicate clearly
  • Release you from negative mind chatter & self sabotaging behavior
  • Create loving and healthy relationships with boundaries
  • Unbridle the leader that's always been waiting inside of you
  • Heal the past
  • Restore your belief & love in yourself
  • Vision & build a future you feel confident in

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How to stop being anxious & build confidence

How to have healthy relationships

How to improve self esteem

How to stop people from walking over top of me

How to change my beliefs so I can feel happy

How do I quiet my mind?!

Where do I learn effective leadership strategies

Inquire Below about EFW Sessions

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When working with any member of the Wellness Team of the at Silver Valley Ranch you will be given the amazing opportunity to learn more about the power of the horse and the incredibly unique learning and healing that arises from just merely being in their presence.

Why Horses?

Boundary Issues:(weak interpersonal boundaries, rigid boundaries, difficulty taking space or finding voice, passivity, aggression.) Working with EFW horses helps cultivate communication and clear & healthy boundaries.

Anxiety: (GAD, worry, phobias, fear of failure, performance anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD.) Working with EFW horses helps calm the mind & body and ground awareness in the present moment.

Self Esteem/ Self Worth: (shame based issues; beliefs around worthiness.) Working with EFW horses helps people develop self confidence, self acceptance and an increased ability to step out of their comfort zone

Recovery from Trauma: (emotional, physical & sexual abuse, emotional dis-regulation, emotional numbing) Working with EFW horses helps individuals develop a sense of safety, increases the ability to develop positive emotional connection with others, self-acceptance and the ability to separate the present moment from the traumatic memories.

Depression: (negative thinking, hopelessness, rumination about the past) Working with EFW horses helps to develop present moment awareness (mindfulness) which is a powerful tool in dealing with symptoms of depression

There are a number of ways our healing horses are integrated into your coaching or Therapy session.

Sometimes we may start with meet the herd or a field nature walk, we may discuss your concerns outside of the pen the horse giving you feedback on your energy and body language acting like a mirror of your emotions or inner most feelings or thoughts or reflecting blockages and thinking patterns back to us during the session.

Other times, we enter the round pen with the horse standing with them breathing in their purity while sharing the space, possibly doing contact exercises, mindful leading or liberty work. Experience the powerful presence, compassion and complete awareness of the horse by applying & developing stronger leadership techniques or find connection with your intuition through nature based activities, learn more about your own energy blocks, leadership personality & communication abilities.

Working with horses requires a certain amount of calm, assertive behavior (yes, the Dog Whisperer is right on this account) and when you work with horses you learn the skills and develop tools you will need to release the emotion from the equation & to bring it back with you to your relationships and to your workplace.

No previous horse experience is necessary to participate in equine-facilitated Wellness sessions! 

Head over to our team page to get a sneak peak of Meagan & Cathryn our ranch wellness Facilitators & then come on out to meet a member of our loving healing Herd!

Equine Facilitated Wellness focuses on giving you the tools, support and accountability to realign your brain and your body, provide a space for deep and connected healing, help you to release any unfinished business & achieve your present and future goals.

If you would like to book an individual session, a group or team event or need more information please contact Meagan at 403-807-0759