Community Healing Drum Circle

  "A community drum circle is JOY in action” – Judy Atkinson, founder of Circles of Rhythm

Drumming is a beautiful way to express your self, to let go of stress and worry, and to just have some fun.
Through rhythm, we can:
• get in tune with our own body’s rhythm
• release tension, anger and fear in a healthy way
• Introduce mindfulness
• Set an intention for the class, for the day, the week, and beyond
• Have fun in a supportive community

This community drum circle you will get to spend time in nature, in a small and intimate group setting on the beautiful property of Silver Valley Ranch just north west of Airdrie. We will be drumming for release and revitalization offering & receiving healing from the horses, each other, the land and ourselves.

No experience necessary
Drums are provided (feel free to bring your own)
We will be in our indoor space in bad weather!

Intuitive Paint Nights

Join us at Silver Valley Ranch for a unique paint party that will leave you wanting more!

Allow your creativity to flow and receive inspiration from the beautiful natural scenery at the ranch or from the horses! Get back to your nature and away from the city! 

Intuitive painting is a process that can help with people dealing with stress, depression, illness or someone in need of a little play in their lives! Alicia will give you the tools to trust, let go, and create.

Intuitive Paint Night: This special group event focuses on expressing your creative side and your inner most self via the relaxing therapy of painting. Painting is recognized as a therapeutic technique, and adding Intuition brings awareness to you, for healing. Intuitive painting is also a form of a trance state, similar to meditation. You will be painting what you are feeling, whether it is conscious or subconscious. There is no plan. There is no right or wrong. You will be given prompts and ideas if you feel stuck. Experience in art is not required, as most of our attendees have little or no experience with art. We welcome all levels of experience. This is sure to be the most nurturing paint class you will ever attend.

 All supplies included. We will be painting with acrylics on a 16x20 canvas.

DreamCatcher Making WorkShop

Explore your creative self and set and weave your intentions into a beautiful reminder!  .

"Good Dreams are sure to come along if you hang a dreamcatcher above your bed".

Other than being an important symbol in the Native American culture, the art of dreamcatchers making is a great way to free your mind, relax and stimulate your creativity and handcrafting skills.

If you are interested in learning the process of how to conceive, weave and decorate your own dreamcatcher and want to enjoy this new experience in a beautiful and rustic setting come along and join.

NO experience needed!

Includes all the material. A range of colours and textures is available for both feathers and beads.

Your dreamcatcher comes home with you!

Let Your Senses Wander Free 6 week series

Be a Wanderer, Observer, Listener, Feeler.

Wander the land and experience nature on the other side of the fence.

Observe and capture the moments through writing and picture taking. Store the time in your memory bank.

Listen to the sounds. The wind, the animals, the birds, and the silence that all have a way of speaking to us.

Feel the connection. Relax and enjoy the natural simplicity.

Join Ann Edall-Robson for 6 evenings of visiting the inner soul of the ranch. Embrace Mother Nature’s gifts through quiet, tranquil walks melded with interludes of picture taking and penning words from the heart. Let your WOLF run free!

Includes Field Kit