Something that has been a forever frustration in trying to communicate with people what it is that we do here at the ranch is that no matter how many different ways I try to explain how we work with the horses in an equine facilitated coaching or therapy session it always comes back to "oh so you mean you don't ride the horses?"

So I am putting it out there again. In Equine Facilitated Wellness Coaching or Therapy at Silver Valley Ranch we DO NOT RIDE THE HORSES!. We do not offer trail rides, we are not a kids riding camp and we are not a therapeutic riding facility. We are not only catering to "HORSE PEOPLE" No prior horse experience of any kind is necessary. We are working with all kinds of people, men, women, children, families, couples, executives and people of the community that are looking for a unique way to engage in an integrative exploration, growth & healing of themselves. So In short just people, all people if your a person you will fit in here and our herd would love to meet you! (Ok to be fair we do work with people and THEIR OWN HORSES for relational horsemanship coaching as well but lets get back to clearing up this misunderstanding of what equine facilitated coaching or therapy really is)

You might even be thinking I am afraid of horses why would I want to put myself anywhere near a horse. If this is the case even better. You will never be forced into even being in the same pen as a horse what you can learn about fear and how it effects us, stifles us and holds us back in our every day life can happen from the outside of a round pen but if you take a risk and trust me I get it horses are very big animals and can seem quite scary! I am willing to bet after you spend some time in the deeper parts of your soul with a horse there as a friend, a supporter and a guide you will have forgotten all about your fear of horses and maybe a little of the fear that lived inside too!

Another aspect and its the worst is from all you ACTUAL HORSE PEOPLE!! We hear it all the time "oh yeah I have been around horses forever, I jump or do dressage or I have done it all whats a horse going to teach me about myself? well if you havn't figured out at least some of that yet you definitely need to come spend some time off your horses back, at eye level and open to what will magically appear before you (or within you if your lucky) Horses when understood teach us a great amount about listening! they are always attuned to the environment and everything within that environment. They have taken a once over, looked you up and down and know your insides from outsides better then you could ever know yourself all by the time you have come within 50 feet of their pen still reminiscing about the good old days over 20 years ago when you rode some horses at your great aunts farm. They have listened not only to just what they hear but to all there senses, they have listened, tracked and are ready to respond to what information they have received. So chances are if you are moving through your life in a state of why me? where did this come from? or I just don't know what to do!  you can get the answers you need from partnering up in a completely different way with a horse.