Hung Up...

Another beautiful pic from Ann E Robson of Dakatama and this one is particularly special to me. I noticed this beautiful feather was dancing around on the blades of grass, being tossed here and there by the wind. I love feathers so it immediately drew my attention and made me smile.

It was like this feather wrapped its delicate hairs around this blade of grass to say here I need to stay awhile and soon it was "hung up" and not able to continue its dance through the field. As I looked at it there was a part of me that wanted to set it free again and let it continue on its journey but then I settled and really started to observe the feather and what came to me was being hung up doesn't make this feather any less beautiful or free it is just now part of something else, in full acceptance and that when the timing is right for it to go on its way once again it will untwine itself and let go or something will happen to help it go. It could be the wind changes direction and it is swept away, an animal rubs it off on its travels through, the rain comes and invites the feather to slip away and continue on, but there is trust in nature and that things will flow and move as they are meant to.

I could of been the helper or the rescuer that day but it didn't feel right, I wanted to follow my internal tendency to "Save" and when I started to move towards that tendency there was something inside me that said just pause and really observe... I took the opportunity to asked myself what I noticed when I pause and just connect and it was clear to me that I was meant to slow down, appreciate, acknowledge my role and then continue on in gratitude and filled with a powerful piece of learning. So thank you beautiful feather & nature for always providing the classroom, Thank you Ann for capturing this moment of connection for me to keep me grounded in this nugget of knowledge and thank you to myself for being open and connected to finding and exploring the tendencies and accepting when they might hinder or that timing is precious when you set something free.