First Impressions-Learning How to Connect

Myself and the girls in the Silver Valley Ranch Herd had a lovely time this weekend spending the morning with some beautiful women from the Airdrie area, thank you to Kelsey D from Alive Fitness for bringing your herd to ours ;-)

In our morning meetup we were exploring the idea of connection in relationships and what it means to be truly connected, becoming curious about how we are not showing up in the relationships we would like to feel a deeper connection in. It is my observation that we do not spend a lot of time in our every day lives truly getting to know the insides of others and especially not getting to know the insides of ourselves. The unfortunate part about that is true connection doesn't happen from our outsides and this leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to relationship.

The pictures here represent the ladies working hard to make a first impression with our herd. The key being not a first impression of confidence, power or a beautiful smile that is really just hiding our discomfort or true feelings but one of authenticity. Who am I in all my vulnerability in this moment and what do you see?

It can be a very scary, definitely insightful and highly meaningful experience to just allow yourself to be approached, to be seen, to be known at the deepest level of who you are (often deeper then you yourself can even know). Horses have the ability to see through the power stances, fake smiles, focused eye contact, measured and perfected stories, acceptable behavior and emotions. They are our truth detectors and help people find insight into how they have learned to cope within relationships, make first impressions and feel accepted from peers. They hold space for us in non judgement, full acceptance and approval teaching us about our thoughts, feelings, blocks, beliefs, body stances, and manifestations so all wrapped up into one package they teach us about connection! and that it truly means... to be connected to oneself is to be connected to everything.