Equinimity Series "What The Heck Is Equinimity & How Can It Transform Your Life?

On my facebook page Meagan Saum Equinimity Coaching for Life, Leadership & Love I have been getting quit a few inquiries to exactly what is Equinimity? Yes I know the proper spelling is Equanimity versus our version which is spelled with an I instead of an A reading Equinimity. This is our way of honouring the true essence of the work that happens with horses (Equines) and the state of peace our clients feel when they are in relationship with self and one of our herd members - and so we have... Equinimity.

Today along side our ranch healing horses we will also be honouring Shinzen Young and the teachings of the "Art of Equanimity".

Shinzen Young says that by definition "Equanimity is a fundamental skill for self-exploration and emotional intelligence. It is a deep and subtle concept frequently misunderstood and easily confused with suppression of feeling, apathy or inexpressiveness. Equanimity comes from the Latin word aequus meaning balanced, and animus meaning spirit or internal state. "

What I have found working with people in a self exploratory model is that we are often unconsciously moving ourselves into an inner state of mental, physical, emotional & or spiritual suffering. Yes pain is inevitable we will all experience pain many times throughout our lives but suffering is what happens when we move in the opposing direction of Equinimity. 

Contrasting reactions to Equinimity:

  • Constriction, Confinement, stuffing of emotions, denial of thoughts, self-doubt, dismissiveness, judgement
  • Attachment to thoughts & or feelings not allowing for a natural process of flow through, anxiety, depression, self sabotage, craving and distraction

It would then be appropriate to conclude that when we are within a reaction space we end up in a holding pattern of mental anguish, physical discomfort, emotional distress and spiritual disconnect, in short suffering! moving us farther & farther away from a balanced inner state. 

How does Equinimity happen for you?

We help make the unconscious conscious, the inner spirit sore, the wholeness of a person shine through a gentle, experiential and highly effective approach to human change and personal development.

Why horses are the experts of Equinimity...

Horses are able to read us at a core level because of their natural and energetic form of communication and this is where they want to be with us, connect with us and guide us to a deeper understanding of our own personhood. 

Joining humans together with horses - creates a relationship of connection, non judgement, experiential learning, present moment awareness and love actively accessing hidden core beliefs which shape our lives, relationships, and self-image. The contact/connection that happens for people when in relationship with horses invites that core material to emerge safely into consciousness. Once conscious there is openness for powerful transformation of our inner state and a platform for deep personal development to emerge.

How Do You Develop Equinimity & Start Transforming Your Life?

Developing equinimity involves the following aspects: First knowing that as humans we really do need connection, happiness and a state of inner balance to thrive. We begin the journey to better accessing our true selves by Intentional observation of our inner state (thoughts, sensations & feelings) & creation of equinimity in your mind & body...

Thank you for reading our first article in the Equinimity Series "What The Heck Is Equinimity & How Can It Transform Your Life?" check back next week for our next posting in the Equinimity Series "Calm Mind, Balanced Soul"