I speak on behalf of the Portal

A space that sees you, knows your fears, your unwillingness, your unknowingness

And your possibilities

A space that invites you in love, the song of a bird, the dance of the leaves, the fragrance of lavender floating on the wind

A space where all becomes still…

You feel excitement & joy a calling through the souls of your feet guiding you to move forward

You peer through a window seeing your light

A child playing magic with her 4 legged best friend, you know the softness of holding another’s hand, the sweetness on your tongue as a bee shares its life’s work with you

A moment, where there is only light, only true sight, only true self and as you move back from the window you wave a see you soon

Your eyes blink, muscles stretch and loosen

You see yourself reflecting in the beautiful liquid brown of a horse’s eye

Holding your palm out she breaths life onto your hand

feeling, sensing, knowing

You whisper

I allow & thank you


Meagan Saum

Inspired by Generation Farms Integration group 2015