Life Coaching With Horses?

A country escape that provides transformation for motivated Women who suffer from being overwhelmed, under-confident and "STUCK" in an unhappy place in their life.

Be the NEW BEST YOU you can be!! all through the eyes of a horse!   

Coach Meagan & Coach Hudson

 Hi! i 'm Coach Meagan and this is Hudson one of my equine healing partners we work in tandem to inspire your journey and help you reach your new best potential!

If you typed into your search engine...

How to build confidence

How to improve self esteem

How to stop people from walking over top of me

How to feel happy

How to get my mind to SHUT UP!

Where do I learn effective leadership strategies

I am so glad you were directed here!

Its that time of year again where we put out there what we most want to achieve for the next upcoming year. We transition many times in our life time some of those transitions are welcome and wonderful and some are challenges and often painful! But they all have something to do with the way we end up thinking & feeling about ourselves!

Get Healthier (clean up my diet convince myself this time it will work, I will stick to it, I will be a new me by Spring)

Start a Spiritual Practice (Ive heard meditation is the new thing and that in just 5 minutes a day I can feel way more zen! no problem I mean who cant come up with 5 minutes a day to feel more relaxed in life)

Start Living My Passion (I feel its time to start living a life that I feel fulfilled in)

Get Fit (I will start exercising at least 4 times a week, I will I swear I will)

Be More Organized (This is the year my life will fit into a schedule! I will NOT be overwhelmed by my Life! I will make time for family, friends, work, extra work, daily exercise, meal planning, cooking, cleaning, date nights, walking the dog, kids extra curricular activities, errands, more cleaning, meditating, vacation, continuing education, more cleaning, paying bills, better self care and yes more relaxation....)

Manage My Money Better ( if I was ever able to get ahead, its like the universe just keeps handing one bad circumstance after another)

Move Past My Past (I mean really this stuff has been holding me back for to long its time for me to just get over it.)

Sound Familiar?? Trust me Ive heard it all before and these are just a few examples that cause us great disappointment every year. We make promises to ourselves that we then are unable to meet. what I have found is that YES we need to set Goals or we would never achieve anything but its often not about accomplishing all the things we think would make us happier but about letting go of things that are preventing us from feeling Happy!

This year I am asking you to Join The Ranch "I AM" Resolution Revolution where you will be shown the tools you individually need to EXPLORE your inner most desires, HEAL the parts of yourself that keep you stuck & afraid to reach out for your success & GROW  by creating authenticity, trust & Happiness by taking Actions specifically designed by the part of yourself that only wants to see your success!

  • Included is private one on one Equine Facilitated or Nature Based Life Coaching Sessions with Coach Meagan
  • Individualized Learning Activities, Inspirational quotes, the opportunity to join a group of like minded women who are also on their own personal "I AM" Journeys.
  • One FREE monthly get together (optional) at the ranch for everyone taking part in their own resolution revolution to share stories, successes and struggles help each other Grow to our New Best Potentials in 2015!
There are a limited number of spaces so don't hesitate on setting yourself up for an amazing and abundant 2015!


Although we provide coaching for many different populations we specialize in working with women & young girls through life transitions, body image struggles or who are feeling bullied, harassed & unappreciated in their workplace, schools or homes."

"Problems can not be solved at the same level of awareness that created them"            Albert Einstein

Give yourself the gift of equine connection at its best... Join our ranch community!  No worries you will not be expected to "cowboy up" all equine facilitated coaching clients work with Meagan's equine healing team from the ground unless you are working with your own beautiful horse partner! we are located at Silver Valley Ranch just North of Calgary Alberta.

Together we will help you...

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Teach you to communicate to be heard
  • Release you from negative mind chatter & self sabotaging behavior
  • Create loving and healthy relationships
  • Unleash the leader that's always been waiting inside of you
  • Restore your belief & love in yourself
I would love to show you fear reducing, life enhancing methods of reconnection to the nature that lives inside us all. there is something so special about seeing my clients dance to their soul’s desire and live each moment at a time in the life of their dreams!


Your Thoughts Can Be Your Own Worst Enemy!!!

"I don't know how to protect myself from being walked over"

"I was never really good at saying No"

"How can my own life be so exhausting"

"I'm never going to be good enough"

"Who would choose me"

"I feel so unheard"

"Its to scary to put myself out there. Why would I want to be judged"

"I want more purpose in my life but don't know what direction to take"

"Why does everyone else seem to get it!"

"Why can't I get out of my own way"

"I feel lost & alone. I NEED HELP"

Its Ok these same painful & unproductive thoughts were also causing unhappy heads and unhappy hearts in our other clients lives previously to coaching as well!

Want To Stay Connected?

We appreciate our clients and make sure everyone one of them feels special, safe and supported when they are at the ranch!

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We Believe You Are!
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I spent three sessions with Meagan and her healing herd. I cannot describe in words the insights and awareness that arose in me after each horse mirrored the beauty of my soul. It is amazing to me how these powerful, instinctual creatures understood my soul pain and desires. I remember after one particular session in which Wicca and Taxi helped me to understand that I can remain grounded and worthy in my lack of confidence @ making decisions. This was powerful! I left Silver Valley Ranch that day seeing the mountains (and the world itself) with a new sense of clarity.
— L.L Lethbridge, AB