Silver Valley Ranch a country escape that offers the opportunity for integrative exploration, growth & healing through mindfulness, nature based & equine facilitated life coaching/equine therapy (for individuals, couples, youth & families), executive leadership training, personal growth retreats, youth empowerment programs, community connection events, horsemanship, energy healing sessions & drum circles

No Worries You will not be asked to "cowboy up" all equine facilitated activities with the Ranch Herd are from the ground unless you are working with your own horse partner. No horse experience necessary!

Welcome to the ranch

Myself, my husband and three young children would like to invite you to our home so you can experience for yourself the tranquility and opportunity for great personal expansion we receive benefit from every single day.

I am so glad you found us & the amazing Tribe of Professionals we have facilitating at The Ranch. Our well-trained and experienced professionals have chosen to use their talents & experiences to offer a completely unique opportunity for exploration, growth & healing then any other wellness facility around.

You will find peace & connection at Silver Valley Ranch. Pause and feel the sun on your face, hear the song of the birds gliding on the pond, feel the flow of the wind through the trees & over the rolling hills. Look deep inside yourself finding strength through the support of our healing horses or snuggle one of the dogs receiving unconditional love and probably a few kisses too! The Ranch Tribe would love to invite you to join us in a tranquil environment where you can discover your natural ability of self regulation & deeper connection.

People of all walks of life join us at Silver Valley Ranch to find peace within themselves by partnering with horses, nature and of course the ranch pack of dogs. You may come to heal from a deep loss or traumatic event, improve relationships, reduce anxiety or develop confidence. You are possibly looking for something different for your child to help them build self-esteem, learn about their individuality and celebrate the uniqueness of who they really are.

Nature Based & Equine Facilitated - Somatic Coaching is effective and appropriate in all kinds of therapeutic & coaching situations, such as with individuals, couples, families, groups, youth, and bodywork. You will find your full potential in the processes of self exploration, healing and growth when you are committed to moving beyond your limits.

Meagan Saum  403-807-0759

We appreciate our clients and make sure everyone one of them feels special, safe and supported when they are at the ranch!